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Greek Culture, Arts & Letters


The Design, study and implementation of programs of action in the domains of culture and sport as well as the design, study and implementation of financed or co-financed national programs or European Union programs in the same domain.

Giving prominence to forms of art unknown to the general public, bringing together special interest groups, encouraging and funding innovative ideas with a view to improve the cultural and social level (of citizens), as well as co-financing / sponsoring artists who live and work in our city, in order to give them the opportunity to make their work known to a wider audience. This will also be in order to enhance amateur creation and expand tangible recognition initiatives such as awards, events, competitions etc.

In parallel with this, promoting and making known the history, tradition, folklore and the arts, and developing collaboration with cultural bodies.

Implementation of cultural policy; it will also be developed through the Cultural programs which focus on the cultivation of aesthetics as well as the enhancement and promotion of cultural elements, through dance, theater, music, opera and, in general, through the fine arts (Painting - design, sculpture, decoration, architecture, cinema, photography, graphic design, ceramics, textile art - Fashion design, etc.).

Objective: the Practical implementation of policies for the promotion / salience and the protection of the local - national culture. This includes the following actions:

  • Giving prominence to cultural products and modern cultural works produced locally, by creating cultural centers, museums, galleries, libraries, cinemas and theaters, philharmonic orchestras and music schools, dance schools, painting and sculpture schools, etc. as well as studying and implementing cultural programs.
  • Organising concerts, theatrical performances and other cultural events
  • Promoting cultural exchange at national, European and international level in accordance with legislation.
  • Developing cultural tourism so that Actions take place that are aimed towards promoting Greek tourism and giving prominence to the country’s cultural wealth and heritage.
  • • Promoting Greek culture in America and around the world and cultivating cultural relations through collaborations with important cultural and educational organisations in Greece and abroad. In terms of international cultural interaction, the Platon institute deemed it important to highlight the significance and contribution of Greek minds as a main developmental factor globally.

Important aspects include: the salience of contemporary cultural expression, the support of Greek artists / creators, the cultivation of international collaborations, education and lifelong learning as well as the coexistence of and the dialogue between science & ideas and the arts.

Our vision is to create a cultural center that is accessible to all.

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