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Sunday 16 May 2021
The beginning of the day was honored with a greeting by Mrs. Maria Syregela, Deputy Minister of Labor
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On Sunday, May 9, 2021, World Mother's Day, 
the day of the Plato Institute and the Cultural Association
"Red Gaia" was realized through Youtube with the
Theme: MOTHER OF 1821 - MOTHER OF 2021 The beginning of the day was honored by Mrs. Maria Syregela,
Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, Demographic Policy
and Family. It was placed, regarding the formation of new frameworks
for the support of Mother and Woman, which are first
established and voted in Greece.
The Web Conference was honored by the presence of the descendants 
of the Heroes of Achaia: Efstathia Giannia Coordinator of Civil
Protection of the West Region. Of Greece,
Iason Fotilas Member of Parliament for Achaia,
Fokion A. Zaimis Consultant of Entrepreneurship, Research and Innovation of the Region of Greece,
IRO LECHOURITI - is the well-known singer Iro
descendant of George Lechouritis and Mother.
They referred to elements of their History and Origin, while giving their Message
for the needs of Today.
Honorary Commendation was received by:
1) the Heroic Descendant, Antonis Petmezas Retired Axiom. of the Navy,
G. Secretary and Representative of the Group of Descendant Fighters of 1821.
2) The Women with Many Children of the "Red Gaia" Association in recognition of all the
https://www.thebest.gr/article/619831-oloklirothike-i-imerida-mana-toy-1821-mana-toy-2021?fbclid=IwAR2RjWSaoU1Qp9alIb6pPOzh3HWHAiqgxN4yh1399P3Y0sxjaurLRUC0o1wManades who Offer themselves today in the upbringing of their children.

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