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Saturday 29 Oct 2016
Workshop on "Prospects of Cooperation between Greece - Russia"
On the occasion of the public votive Greece friendship year - Russia, the charitable Institute PLATO held conference on "Prospects of Cooperation between Greece - Russia". Official guest of the ambassador of Russia in Greece Oleg Berntichin. The Conference organizing initiative by the Institute...
Saturday 29 Oct 2016
The archaeologist Liana Souvaltzi "The tomb of Alexander the Great in the oasis of Siwa and the mystic of course."
The archaeologist Liana Souvaltzi spoke in Patras for the tomb of Alexander the Great invited to the Institute event Plato The theme of his speech is "The tomb of Alexander the Great in the oasis of Siwa and the mystic of...
Friday 25 Mar 2016
Θέμα: Προοπτικές Συνεργασίας Ελλάδας-Ρωσίας
  Το ινστιτούτο ΠΛΑΤΩΝ , με αφορμή το κοινό αφιερωματικό έτος φιλίας Ελλάδας-Ρωσίας 2016  έχει την τιμή να διοργανώσει την ημερίδα  με θέμα :Προοπτικές Συνεργασίας Ελλάδας-Ρωσίας , το Σάββατο 2 Απριλίου 2016 και ώρα 7:00 μ.μ. στο Royal Theatre Patras, Ακτή Δυμαίων 53 (Παλαιό Πτωχοκομείο) Το φιλανθρωπικό Ινστιτούτο Πλάτων  έχει την τιμή να φιλοξενεί ως επίσημο...
Tuesday 06 Oct 2015
With awards in the fire department Institute ‘Platon’ made its virginal appearance.
Provision with self-sacrifice and decency. The fire-fighters who threw themselves into battle with self-sacrifice and decency this summer in order to protect human lives and properties from the fire, Institute Platon commemorated making its virginal pageant in Patras. The President of the administrative board of...
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