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The Platon Institute is a non - profit, public - benefit organisation aiming at the promotion of social action and developmental partnerships in the context of social economy, culture, education, science, the study of political, economic and social issues and policy proposals, driven by the desire to strengthen and establish the democratic ideals, via promoting the unrestricted circulation of ideas that contribute to human dignity and respect for human rights.


Our aim is to be actively involved in tackling unemployment among the young, among scientists and professionals, as well as among weaker population groups, through the creation of local employment opportunities which will come about via training and the creation of training centers geared around specific activities (research, studies, conferences, training aids), in collaboration with municipalities, public and social bodies, with the scope of implementing unemployment relief programs.


The conduct of studies and the undertaking of developmental initiatives in Greece and abroad with a view to creating local employment opportunities for weaker population groups, women, the young and persons with disabilities.


The promotion of institutional forms of dissemination of scientific knowledge in countries outside the European continent which are not members of the Community.


The strengthening of convergence mechanisms, as regards Eastern and Central European countries on the one hand and, the European Union, on the other.


The undertaking of international initiatives and partnerships with reputable institutions / bodies, University Networks, Associations, Chambers, etc., in order to develop social solidarity actions in Greece as well as in third countries with the aim to reduce poverty and deprivation in some groups of the population and to provide them with access to the knowledge society.


The undertaking of initiatives pertinent to the implementation of programs of cultural exchange and educational travel, of research and scientific objectives as well as of youth exchange and of relevant exchanges with collective organisations promoting social objectives (education, training, gender equality, etc.).


The establishment of transnational collaborations with European Organisations implementing similar programs and the exchange of information, experiences and expertise in order to address shared problems, adhering to the transnational standards of transnational and cross-border programs.


The development and promotion of scientific, technological, sociological, economic and political knowledge in all forms and at all levels.


The reinforcement of procedures pertinent to the retention of scientists in the regions, in order to enhance the standard of living in and the developmental potential of these regions.


The strengthening of all these factors which help in the promotion of sciences in the national and the European context, the participation in procedures aiming at the elevation of the educational and cultural level of both the Greeks and the citizens of countries within the European Community.


Cooperation pertinent to the assertion of interregional and intermunicipal community programs in the fields of culture, tourism and the social economy.


The aims of the Institute include, among others, sponsoring charitable works and offering all kinds of public benefit services to the Greek society such as the following:

a) Granting scholarships to young and praiseworthy pupils, students, university / higher education students or others who have an aptitude for studies but do not possess the necessary financial means, provided that they are born or permanently reside in the prefecture of Achaia.

b) Covering costs pertinent to medical treatment in Greece and abroad, of employees and other persons in need, provided that they are born or permanently reside in the prefecture of Achaia.

c) Aiding people with disabilities.

d) Strengthening scientific research and the advancement of science in general, of arts and letters Nationwide & Worldwide, through the organisation of conferences, the publication of books and studies as well as though the cooperation in research and study with other similar institutions or bodies in Greece and abroad.

e) Conferring literary awards when the work is of cultural, educational, social etc. character and related to the prefecture of Achaia.

f) Organising Concerts, Artistic, Scientific, Cultural, Sporting events in Greece and abroad in order to give prominence to the Institute’s work and scope of action.

g) Actions which will include and represent the principles of social economy


In this context, the company may:

  • Oganise study and research groups, within the EU Community and within a wider European context.
  • Organise conferences, seminars, scientific symposia and lectures.
  • Organise training programs and educational seminars.
  • Build information, distribution of know-how and technology networks.


It may also undertake action in relation to:

  • The publication of books, magazines, studies, monographs, essays, albums / scrapbooks, the conduct of photography exhibitions and video recordings, etc. having the power and potential to promote the sciences and culture.
  • The promotion of research, primary and applied, and the effective utilisation of Community aid intended for the mobility and technical knowledge transfer throughout Europe.
  • The exchange and transfer of information, experiences and expertise with a view to address shared problems and achieve common thematic objectives.


The dissemination and preservation of expressions of cultural, artistic and ecclesial heritage through events, lectures, conferences and through the establishment, the operation of cultural centers, the development of musical creation, artistic performance, hagiography / icon painting exhibitions, publications pertinent to ecclesiastical monuments, as well as multimedia presentations in the context of cinema and theater.


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