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“Our aim is the dissemination, in any way, of all aspects of ecological concern as well as of respective policy – practical management.”

As an Institute dedicated to looking at humankind through the prism of values and culture, we could not ignore the environment in which we live.

Unfortunately, the transcendence of human activity on the environment, and the misuse and exploitation of natural resources have resulted in the disruption of ecological balance, the alteration of its natural processes and the deterioration in the quality of human life. The crux of the negative consequences is that we have come to jeopardise the planet’s sustainability, creating many rather dangerous problems as well as grave environmental disasters. We feel that it is our obligation to include in our actions all those measures and actions aimed at prevention and environmental restoration, in order for the quality of the environment to not be degraded further and, thus, in order to have environmental sustainability.

Thematic Axes:

Awareness – Learning – Research – Prevention - Recycling - Restoration Creation – Upgrading – Prominence - Promotion.

Actions and Approaches by the Institute: Through the implementation of Environmental Education programs relevant to the thematic axes, we aim to / towards the:

1. Get in touch with and become aware of elements of Greek folklore and cultural heritage, pertinent to the relationship between the environment and nature in general.

2. Understand the interplay between the natural environment, folklore and cultural heritage, which decisively contributes to the protection, conservation and valorisation of specific environmental characteristics of specific places, in the direction of sustainability.

3. Have members and supporters of the effort become experienced so that they can carry forward the practice of dissemination in the local community, and in society at large. Enhance decision-making and creative intervention abilities (among the members and supporters)

4. Enhance decision-making and creative intervention abilities (among the members and supporters)

5. Cultivate appreciation in members with respect to the simple lifestyle of rural people.

6. Creation and Inclusion of Environmental Groups – partnering with the Platon Institute to present the results of their work.

7. Study of and Acquaintance with nature in different fields (architecture, housing, clothing, nutrition, health, occupations, hobbies, religion, customs and art, folk speech, idioms)

8. Organisation of CONFERENCES

9. Valorisation of Environmental Programs

10. Promotion of Greek and local products


Animals as well as their protection form part of our environment

Today, animal abandonment is constantly increasing

ΑMunicipalities are designated as the responsible authorities for stray animals, but since there are no provisions of penalties pertinent to the failure to apply the law, they often do not implement appropriate collection, vaccination, sterilisation programs, etc.

Modes of action will take place through:

  • collaboration with animal welfare organisations and volunteers
  • information campaigns
  • stray animals protection program: the following processes take place: collection, recording, marking of animals, clinical and laboratory testing, parasite removal, vaccination and sterilisation, ending the cycle with their adoption or reallocation to a new home
  • support for well-known companies with animal products, a celebratory event will be organised including music, dissemination of information and raising public awareness




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