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Our effort springs from the deep conviction that sports / athletics as well as the Olympic ideals can contribute towards the creation of a peaceful and better world. Initiatives that promote dialogue, reconciliation, mutual understanding, solidarity and peace are the main objective of this effort.

The institute, within and through its cycles, includes and highlights the realm of Greek values, and builds bridges of communication, humanitarian support and education through sports, culture etc.

The Institute’s activities have both a global and a local / regional dimension.

This effort could not exclude sports activities for persons with disabilities• it aims towards promoting the Paralympic values, which include courage, determination, inspiration and equality.

An additional Aim of the institute is to support sporting / athletic events, sports associations and clubs on a constant basis (via the co-organisation of cultural – sporting events and programs in cooperation with the local cultural - sports organisations) in order to actively contribute to the promotion of the sporting ideal as well as to the strengthening of young people’s engagement with sports.

Within our thoughts on promotion and development, there is the idea of the Proclamation of Ambassadors in Support of the Idea though their personal capacity. Such actions in the field of sports constitute a symbolic, non-binding appeal. This idea concerns all future Games or sporting events regardless of where and when they are held.

Important here too, is the collection of resources / funds and the acceptance of contributions and grants for the implementation of an organised marketing program.


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