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The concept of Innovation in the new economy, which is based on knowledge, is indisputable. Innovation is now considered the most important parameter for development, both at the national level and for each individual company, as it tends to be the main priority in all national policies.

Contributions leading to the development of innovation are of paramount importance, as economies which develop within innovative regions fare better than others.

The PLATON Institute, aiming to pay a prominent role in the theme of this action cycle, which concerns social and innovative entrepreneurship projects with a view to develop innovative strategic plans relevant to business development and corporate social responsibility, may participate in, but does not limit itself to, relevant European programs in this sector.


The overall economic situation is characterised by relatively low growth rates, few opportunities and challenges as regards the absorption of funds, while the need to adopt specific policies aiming at convergence, with a focus on promotion and competitiveness, is essential, as is the aid delivered through suitable programs, ideas and sponsorships.

The activities and objectives of the Institute

1. Design and Administration / Management of Funding Programs on Research Projects

The first category of the Institute’s activities includes the strengthening of the research fabric in GREECE via the administration of EU funds and, especially, it concerns supporting the development of research activities through special competitive programs.


2. Administration / Management of European Research Programs and Promotion of International Cooperation in Research

The second category of the Institute’s activities relates to the promotion of inclusion of Greek researchers in international research activities via the promotion and management / administration of European research programs in Greece; the facilitation of networking between the Hellenic and the international research community; the PLATON Institute’s networking with international organisations promoting research; and the initiation and monitoring of the implementation of bilateral agreements between Greece and other countries.


3. The establishment of agreements with other organisations, either domestic or foreign, with respect to the conduct of joint research as well as joint educational and research programs, whether on a temporary, long – term, or on a permanent basis. Financing or participating in the financing of such collaborations and, in general, promoting their success.


4. Raising public awareness with regard to the importance of research and technological development and innovation and fostering a research culture in younger generations.

Innovation is connected with Research and Development

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