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In Greece, the concept of social economy and, even more so, that of social innovation is less developed than in many European countries. The field of social economy is found between the state and the market and includes all the activities of finance and business, undertaken by organisations like social enterprises, NGOs, foundations, voluntary associations etc. which aim at the collective good.

In this context, through Financing, we plan on unburdening and simultaneously helping society, via employing a strategy aimed at aid, stability, development and all-inclusive economic, cultural, spiritual aid, with high levels of employment, productivity and social cohesion.

More specifically, the Platon Institute is involved with tackling youth unemployment, the unemployment of Professionals, as well as unemployment affecting weaker population groups, by creating employment opportunities through training and the establishment of training centers, through supporting research and study activities, and through cooperation with municipalities and public and social Bodies.

Application methods and some modes of action in the field of Social Economy and Solidarity, as well as the relevant objectives, are described below

  • Implementation of policies or participation in actions and programs aimed at the care and support of vulnerable groups through the provision of health care services and the promotion of mental health, in such ways as establishing municipal healthcare institutions, health education centers, support and rehabilitation centers for persons with disabilities , mental health centers, counseling support centers for victims of domestic violence and violence against cohabiting persons, and prevention centers working against addictive substances..
  • Implementation of policies or participation in the actions aimed at support and social care during infancy, childhood and old age, in such ways as the establishment and operation of day nurseries, creches, orphanages, open care and day care centers, entertainment and recreation centers for the elderly , nursing homes, etc. as well as the study and implementation of relevant social programs.
  • Design and implementation of programs or participation in programs and actions for the inclusion of gypsies, repatriated Greeks, immigrants and refugees in the social, economic and cultural life of the local community.
  • Promotion and development of volunteering and social solidarity by creating local social solidarity networks, voluntary organisations and volunteer groups that will operate with a view to achieve the objectives and assist in works aiming at social protection and solidarity.


Scholarships for Greek Graduates

The Platon Institute grants scholarships to Greek graduates of Universities and Higher Education Institutions for postgraduate and doctoral studies domestically or abroad, in cases where the candidate does not have in his / her possession the sufficient financial means.

Priority is given to university students of the Prefecture of Achaia.

Those who graduate with good grades and meet certain conditions, have the opportunity to study at postgraduate level abroad. Each year, the Platon Institute will be granting scholarships for studies in Greece and abroad.

The selection of candidates for the awarding of a scholarship is based upon recommendations made by academic advisors committees, and is ratified by the Institute’s Board.

The PLATON Institute as a management body: Special mention should be made with regard to bequests / endowments, which constitute a special kind of scholarship. This is when wealthy individuals provide part of their assets in order to finance the studies of students. We usually consider the state to be the sole entity providing free education. The reality is different. Bequests, foundations, institutions, foreign governments and international organisations play their own part in what is called free education.

The scholarships that will be provided from the Institute via bequests / endowments will bear the name of the donor.

INFORMATION ON THE SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS OF A SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION, and for information on providing bequests / endowments, and for more information, please contact the Organisations and Major Donors Manager on: (+30) 2610221140 or send an email to: info@platoninstitute.gr


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