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Cultural Policy

Interest in grants, subsidies and sponsorships of any kind in relation to culture could not be absent, when contemplating the Platon Institute’s scope of action. We are interested in grants and sponsorships in relation to the unique Greek Tradition, associations concerned with tradition, modern art even, and their propagation all over the word as well as within the Greek Diaspora.

Modes of development and actions:

Designing, studying and implementing programs of action in the domains of culture and sport as well as designing, studying and implementing financed or co-financed national programs or European Union programs in the same domain.

Promoting and making known the history, tradition, folklore and arts, developing collaboration with cultural bodies and the city’s avocational / recreational groups in order to enhance amateur creation and expand relevant initiatives and interventions.

Co-organising cultural - sporting events and programs in cooperation with the local cultural - sports organisations.

Giving prominence to forms of art unknown to the general public, bringing together special interest groups, encouraging and funding innovative ideas with a view to improve the cultural and social level (of citizens), co-financing / sponsoring artists who live and work in our city, in order to give them the opportunity to make their work known to a wider audience, encouraging and financing initiatives.



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